I worked with Nascar for about 2 years as a Model/Promoter & Bkstage work like with taken calls and helping were needed general assitant jobs.

Model Agencies

I worked under many modelling agencies i am a very expirenced and skilled model the biggest modelling job i have done is Playboy! i was a covergirl! 

Ive also worked i starbucks wast for long but i have so i have that expirence there!

Wwe is my current job i am a professional wrestler/model/actress/interviewer in this position! i also do alot of travel so used to long hours!

Im a professional dancer ive danced since the age of 3! I know Street, Tap, Poms, Ballet, Modern & Hip Hop! I also taught face for a few years i my hometown!

Other Qualifications

I have qualy's in Aromatherapy, My basic highschool exams i passed them all! I have an uncompleted fashion & art degree! + Alot of knowledge in numerous subjects! I have knowledge of website design hense this website! I have fantastic commuication skills and ict skills im a quick typer and done basic office work! I am also going to have a more insight into business as i am going to be on the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice!


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