Basic Info

My Life

So to describe to you abit about my life that would start with my Family i have a younger brother and sister! My family is very important to me! they made me who i am today their my blood! I visit them as much as i can as they are from Chicago which is my hometown! its actually a little place called ottawa out in the country so i know how to rough it lol! Furthermore i have a pet dog Gemini i love animals alot of my clothes are animal print that i design! I have alot of friends i usually get on with everyone. I make friends rather easy! I moved around a lot since i left college in 2002 ive lived in many places like Florida, California, Illinois, Kentucky even London! I have alot of hobbies that i pursue out of work ad actually in work. Im about to start a 4 year Bsc Masters Degree in Earth Sciences at Caltech University in Pasadena CA! 

& Me 

Well were to start!Im Maria im 27 im Friendly, Intelligent, Generous, Down to Earth... just a few words to describbe me! Im orignally from Ottawa Illinois! Currently residing in the Los Angeles Area! I have alot of Beliefs maybe most you wouldnt agree with or maybe you would! I love sport! af Fashion! I love knowledge and to learn! Ive always done things my way ive always tried to do my best at everything i wana do! If you sit on your ass what are you gona achieve ? Nothing i make things happen for me by going out there and making them! I chase my dreams and strive on them to make them reality! I like to have a laugh ive been told im funny! I can be totally random but very serious at the same time! My favourite Quote is from a good friend of mine which would be " A little attitude can take you a long way!" - Amy Dumas! She is such a inspiriation to me!  

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