Welcome To My Offical Website!

 Hello & Thankyou for taking the time to look at my website! I shall start by introducing myself my name is Maria Louise Kanellis, I currently work in the Music & Fashion industry and a fulltime student at Caltech University in Pasadena CA! I created this website to sell myself as something more than a WWE DIVA! which was my previous job. I have big dreams and lots of rawr passion to get me there! I have a broad range of interests. Some being Earth Sciences, Fashion, Music etc.. Im 28 and wanting to move my career in a new direction.I love my job its my world! but i have alot of other things i wish to pursue! I have a well built CV that wasn't easy to build up! I am a hard worker and quick learner! im good at what i do and hope y'all will give me the chance to prove that to you! - Mia - xoxox

You can contact me by email at:




 "People surprise you. Situations define you. Love will find you. No matter what you have been through".- Me


"For better or worse we are the owners of our destiny. Let your heart lead and your brain will follow".-Me

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